Bongino: Trump Should Force Fulton DA to Lock Him Up


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Conservative talk radio show host Dan Bongino suggested that former President Donald Trump allow himself to be locked up by Fulton County, Georgia, officials, Resist the Mainstream reported.

Trump has recently been indicted by Fulton County’s leftist DA, Fani Willis, on the grounds that he and his allies attempted to overturn the 2020 election in the state of Georgia.

Bongino argued that Trump should not post bond, and should force Willis to incarcerate him on national TV.

According to Bongino, “Fani Willis wants to be a smartass tyrant, little socialist communist.” In response, Trump in his opinion should not “post the bond.”

“You’re gonna jail him? Let’s elect our first political prisoner. Go ahead. Go to jail. Let the Secret Service shut the entire jail down, and we’ll see how long you’re willing to keep this charade going.”

The talk show host also noted that this sort of thing has happened before, and it can lead to magnified political power.

“Let them put him in jail for a bit — folks, I know it sounds crazy,” he continued. “You may think it’s a crazy idea. I don’t think so. Folks, you’ve seen people around the world take a stand like this.”

Bongino concluded by saying that “the eff around and find out time has long since passed.”

The radio show host is not alone in his anger towards the mainstream media and its political allies, who appear to be working as hard as possible to influence the Republican primaries by undercutting the former president.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said that “I’m pissed” when he heard about the weaponized legal system’s fourth indictment against Trump.

“Our country is over 200 years old. We have never once indicted a former president or a leading candidate for president,” he noted. “And this is Joe Biden and this is the Democrats weaponizing the justice system because they’re afraid of the voters.”

“This is disgraceful, it is wrong, and it is an abuse of power by angry democrats who have decided the rule of law doesn’t matter to them anymore.”