Blue City Rocked by Historic Move


Blue City Rocked by Historic Move – This Could Make the Entire Place a Ghost Town

What’s Happening:

I don’t have to tell you about what is going on in blue cities. Far-left Democrat city counsels and leaders have helped major American cities crumble. A combination of pro-criminal policies, legalizing drugs, and runaway government taxing have left these cities in rapid decline.

In recent years, we’ve seen numerous people flee these cities. Even businesses are shutting down, leaving communities in the lurch. But one blue city could face a worst-case scenario. A group of investors has spent nearly $1 billion on an ambitious project. And it could shut down this city for good.

From The Post Millennial:

A few months ago, it was revealed that Flannery Associates, an investment company, has spent nearly $1 billion in the last five years buying up 52,000 acres of dry farmland next to the Travis Air Force Base in Solano County, California…

The New York Times reported that billionaire venture capitalist Michael Moritz, along with other tech industry moguls, has been purchasing the land with the intention of creating a new California city near San Francisco, which is also within short distance of Silicon Valley.

Okay, so follow me on this. Investors are spending nearly a billion dollars–not to buy land within San Francisco. Not to reinvigorate declining sectors of the liberal-run city. But to build a brand new city outside of SF.

Do you realize what a huge risk it is to build an entire city out of nothing? That’s not a small investment. Yet this investment firm, which has the backing of Silicon Valley heavy-hitters, would rather spend a fortune on building a new city, than try to fix San Francisco.

Makes sense to me! San Francisco, and the cities surrounding it, are being run by radical leftists. Crime is out of control. The streets are literally flowing with human feces. The downtown is essentially a shanty town.

And worse, the people running the city refuse to acknowledge their failures. On top of that, voters refuse to admit they are responsible too, for electing these people, because they are too proud.

Chances are, this new city will be nothing like San Francisco. These investors will not waste money building this place, just for SF’s problems to migrate over. You better believe the city’s charter will include things like punishment for crime, strict drug restrictions, and measures to prevent homelessness.

Imagine what will happen, if and when this city is built. How many Silicon Valley staff will stay in San Francisco? How many people, regardless of their job, will stay in SF? This move could leave SF abandoned, just a husk of what it once was.

Key Takeaways:

  • Investors are buying land near Silicon Valley to build a new city.
  • This comes as San Francisco and other liberal cities decline.
  • Democrats have allowed rampant homelessness, drug addiction, and crime.

Source: Just the News