Blue City Passes Bill to Ditch “Woke” Idea


Blue City Passes Bill to Ditch “Woke” Idea – They Vote 13-1, Admit It Only Made This Crisis Worse

What’s Happening:

It’s no secret that the rampant decline in most major U.S. cities is the result of Democrat policies. Democrats at the state and local levels have passed laws and ordinances that have invited crime and chaos. The streets are lined with drug addicts, the mentally ill, and other homeless–posing a threat to law-abiding residents.

Homes are broken into, cars are stolen, and stores are picked clean by crooks. Anyone that can has fled to other states, just to save their businesses and families. In one blue city, a policy was passed that quickly led to unprecedented drug abuse. The city revolted and now, Democrats have been forced to admit it was a horrible idea.

From Daily Wire:

Philadelphia passed a bill last week banning supervised drug consumption sites across most of the city in the latest attempt by a Democrat-run city to curb rampant public drug use…

The bill now heads to Mayor Jim Kenney, a Democrat, who supports supervised drug consumption sites and may refuse to sign it. However, the city council passed the bill with enough of a majority to override a veto should the mayor issue one.

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Democrats in Philadelphia voted to revoke supervised drug sites across most of the city. Previously, the city endorsed this idea, which allows drug addicts to use illegal drugs while being “supervised” by a medical person.

The results have led to cities littered with drug addicts and homeless. Scenes coming out of Philly resemble third-world countries, with countless people suffering from the horrific effects of deadly, illegal drugs. A synthetic drug coming out of China, Xylazine, is commonly used. The horse tranquilizer is being used by addicts, who often suffer from skin lesions and flesh-rotting side effects.

Instead of enforcing drug laws and requiring addicts to seek rehabilitation, the Democrat-run city is encouraging drug abuse. This is consistent with other liberal-run cities like New York and Portland, which have embraced versions of Philadelphia’s policy.

Blue cities have defunded police departments, eliminated cash bail, allowed homeless to sleep in public places, and are sanctioning these drug sites. The fallout of such lawless policies is uniformly destroying American cities and communities. Even with backlash from locals, Democrats appear unwilling to reverse most of these policies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Philadelphia voted to ban supervised drug sites, which have been destroying neighborhoods.
  • These sites allowed drug addicts to abuse drugs in public while being “supervised” by a medical person.
  • The sites have become overrun with homeless who use a fleshing-rotting synthetic tranquilizer made in China.

Source: Daily Wire