Bill Gates Invests $40M to Test mRNA Vaccines in Africa


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) It was revealed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spent $40 million on countries in Africa and other economically poor nations to produce mRNA vaccines, pretending that the reason why that is being done is because he wants to prevent people from getting tuberculosis and malaria.

An Oct. 9, 2023, press release indicated that the Gates Foundation announced $40 million in funding to “advance access to mRNA research and vaccine manufacturing technology that will support low-and middle-income countries’ [LMICs] capacity to develop high-quality, lifesaving vaccines at scale,” the Epoch Times reported.

These millions of dollars were spent on boosting access to a low-cost mRNA research and manufacturing platform that was developed by Quantoom Biosciences — a company that is based in Belgium.

In addition to Quantoom receiving $20 million, two research institutes in Africa that are located in Senegal and South Africa got $5 million each. Vaccine manufacturers from low- and middle-income countries received the remaining $10 million.

The Gates Foundation tried justifying its actions by saying in its press release that Quantoom’s platform can lead to a more than 50% drop in mRNA vaccine development costs compared to traditional mRNA technology.

The foundation also argued that mRNA vaccines have “simpler research and manufacturing processes” compared to traditional vaccines, adding that the expansion of the technology to African countries can lead to the development of low-cost mRNA vaccines for diseases like malaria and tuberculosis.

Previously, the foundation also invested $55 million in mRNA manufacturing technology.

Dr. Muhammad Ali Pate, Nigeria’s coordinating minister of health and social welfare and a global expert on vaccines, supported the investment by the Gates family.

“Putting innovative mRNA technology in the hands of researchers and manufacturers in Africa and around the world will help ensure more people benefit from next-generation vaccines. This collaboration is an encouraging step that will increase access to critical health technologies and help African countries develop vaccines that meet the needs of their people,” he said.

However, the evidence indicated that the Gates family doesn’t have good intentions.

It was previously reported that Bill Gates, with the approval of the Biden administration, released an army of genetically modified mosquitoes in the states of Florida and California, while also being suspected of doing a similar thing in Massachusetts.

Aside from mosquitoes, Gates had other ideas on how he could control the population, among which was pushing the airborne, insecticide-like “vaccines.” As of Oct. 2, 2023, researchers from Yale University already begun human trials on these types of “vaccines.”

In addition to that, scientist Drew Weissman, who won the 2023 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his role in developing mRNA technology, warned in a 2018 paper about the risks and side effects of mRNA vaccines.