Big-Name Actor Reveals Why He Was “Canceled”


Big-Name Actor Reveals Why He Was “Canceled” – Hollywood Kicked Him Out For 2 Reasons

What’s Happening:

In this day and age, we are getting used to “cancel culture.” The woke mob online is quick to single out anyone whose views contradict with their agenda. And, if you are unlucky enough to cross their path, they will do what they can to get you fired, ruined, and even put in harm’s way.

But this kind of thing has been going on for much longer than you might realize. For years, popular actors and entertainers have seen their careers shut down, because of the left. One iconic star was a household name, thanks to a hit show in the 90s. But he is now revealing he was dumped by his own agent, because of these two reasons.

From Daily Wire:

Kevin Sorbo said he was dropped by his agent and canceled by Hollywood because he’s a “Christian” and “conservative” […]

“It was sad to me, you know, my manager and agent for so many years said that we can’t get you jobs anymore, work with you because of you being a Christian, being a conservative,” Sorbo said.

“And I almost had to laugh at that because it’s an industry that screams for tolerance, and yet it’s a one-way street,” he added. “It screams for freedom of speech. But Hollywood’s a one-way street as well. And that’s just too bad, you know. But I love the industry. I love the movies and TV.”

Fans of the 90s hit show Hercules know the name, Kevin Sorbo. Sorbo was a popular actor thanks to the success of this series. But in the unfolding years, the job offers disappeared, because of his religious and political beliefs.

His own agent and manager told him they couldn’t get him jobs. Not because he wasn’t a good actor or didn’t have name recognition. But because Hollywood studios didn’t want to work with a Christian conservative.

In Hollywood, they tolerate homosexuals, transgenders, Muslims, white people, black people, but not Christians. If you are a conservative or a Christian, you have to hide that fact if you want a job. Those who are outed for their beliefs are often blacklisted, quickly getting dumped by the industry.

But these days, things are rapidly changing. Kevin Sorbo is starring in an upcoming film, Miracle in East Texas. What changed? Indie filmmakers are exploding in popularity, as Americans ditch woke Hollywood. Faith-based films and other pro-American content are reaching new fans, thanks to modern technology.

And these movies are making serious profit, as Hollywood declines.

I guess Sorbo will have the last laugh.

Key Takeaways:

  • 90s TV star Kevin Sorbo said he couldn’t get work because he was a Christian and conservative.
  • The well-known star was “blackballed” by Hollywood due to his beliefs.
  • This comes as Americans turn away from woke Hollywood movies and TV shows.

Source: Daily Wire