Biden Turns Heads with Vacation Comment


Biden Turns Heads with Vacation Comment – Then He Drops Jaws with Ridiculous Complaint

What’s Happening:

According to reports, Joe Biden has spent over 360 days of his three years in office… on vacation. The man blamed for rampant inflation and countless other problems has spent over a year of his four-year term not doing his job. Even while Maui burned, Biden was seen relaxing on the beach. Days later, he went on another vacation in Nevada.

This last weekend, he was seen again–not in D.C.–but enjoying another trip to Rehoboth Beach. Reporters spotted him and seemed suddenly defensive. He made claims about his current weekend getaway and then said something that will really chafe suffering Americans’ hides.

From Fox News:

President Biden said Sunday during his visit to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, that he was not on vacation and has no home to go to for the time being…

The president, who has two homes in Delaware, lives at the White House but spends most of his weekends in the First State…

“No, I’m not homeless,” he responded. “I just have one home. I have a beautiful home. I’m down here for the day because I can’t go home home.”

What the heck is going on? Joe Biden was, once again, outside of D.C.–relaxing in Delaware. Isn’t this guy the “president?” According to reports, he flees the White House as quickly as he can, so he can enjoy one of two houses in Delaware.

Or, as we’ve all seen, some other locale.

Unprompted, Biden defended his frequent trips, saying he can’t “go home.” He even said he “had no home.” No home, Joe? By our accounts, you have three homes, including the White House. Yet Biden can’t get away from his responsibilities to the American public fast enough. As soon as we blink our eyes–BAM! He’s off on another vacation.

It’s pretty rich that a man as privileged as Joe Biden complains he “doesn’t have a home.” He says this, while there are countless veterans living on the streets. While there are parents struggling to keep a roof over their children’s heads. While folks worry about making rent month-to-month.

Biden can easily stay at the White House. Yet he whines to an ailing America that he “can’t go home.”

Well, Joe, we’d rather have you in Delaware than in the White House at all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden complained while claiming he wasn’t on yet another vacation.
  • Biden claimed he had “no home” while his two houses in Delaware were being renovated.
  • The Democrat spends weekends away from D.C., away from the White House.

Source: Fox News