Biden Suffers a Major Blow to His Agenda


Biden Suffers a Major Blow to His Agenda – And the Greenies Can’t Believe It’s Happening

What’s Happening:

It has become abundantly clear that Biden’s energy policy is being decided by environmental activists. The Biden administration has implemented a variety of rules that have hampered American energy production significantly, leading to dramatic rises in the cost of energy.

Biden and others have admitted this is to force Americans to adopt the “Green New Deal.” He’s even offered tax write-offs to Americans who can afford an expensive electric vehicle. Some Americans might have thought an EV would have saved them money. But a lack of fossil fuels continues to make even electricity prices soar. On top of that, EVs struggle in ways gas cars do not. So now, a growing number of Americans are turning on Biden’s green dream.

From The Post Millennial:

A new study has revealed that one in five early adopters of electric vehicles are going back to using internal combustion engines leading to a fall in the price of electric vehicles (EVs)…

According to the study published in Nature, of those early adopters of EVs in California from 2012 through 2018, 20 percent of those who opted for plug-in hybrids have returned to gas-powered vehicles, while 18 percent of EV drivers returned to internal combustion engines with their next vehicle purchase.

Americans who are buying EVs are ending up buying traditional, gas-powered cars. One in five EV adopters decide to ditch it in favor of a gas car. This is a huge blow to Biden’s green agenda, which is trying to coerce more Americans into switching to EVs or hybrids.

The biggest complaint appears to be the inconvenience of charging an electric car. Someone who buys an EV has to install expensive charging equipment onto their house (if they live in an apartment, they are out of luck). Most EVs can charge overnight.

But Americans quickly found out that, when they go on the road, they are at the mercy of charging stations. Most EVs cannot go very far on a single charge. Road trips are out of the question. Even daily commuting becomes a problem.

Those who move away from crowded, blue cities discovered that small towns and rural areas do not have Level 2 chargers… or perhaps any chargers of any kind.

If only there was a car that could carry a tank full of fuel. And, when that’s depleted, a driver can stop and refill the tank quickly, so they can continue driving.

I guess that’s just crazy talk.

Key Takeaways:

  • One out of five Americans who bought an EV ended up switching back to gas cars.
  • EVs have a limited range and take a long time to charge, making road trips impossible.
  • This a setback for Biden’s green agenda; Biden has been coercing Americans to switch to expensive EVs.

Source: The Post Millennial