Biden Makes a Jaw-Dropping Admission


What’s Happening:

From all appearances, Joe Biden is shaping up to be the worst president in recent memory. If you can honestly call him a president. Biden has spent over a year’s worth of time on vacation, in his first three years. We don’t know who is really running his administration, but we doubt it’s Joe.

The latest polling suggests Americans don’t want him back. A whopping 77% of voters think he’s too old for a second term. And that’s not factoring in his terrible track record that has left the economy in tatters and the border overrun by criminals. And now, Biden is saying what most Americans thought too.

I guess you can become president when you hide in your basement and exploit a terrible pandemic. Most experts believe Biden “won” not because he was a worthy candidate, but because enough voters voted against Donald Trump.

But in the ensuing years, Biden proved just how unqualified he is at the job. During an event on civil rights, the rambling old man said he’d never thought he’d be president. Remember, he told Obama he’d never run. I guess that was a lie.

Joe went on to complain about books being banned from the library. I guess Joe hasn’t bothered to actually look at the books being banned–and how it is parents who are demanding these books be removed from children’s libraries.

Or, Joe doesn’t care that children are being exposed to explicit content way too young for them.

Honestly, we’re surprised Joe’s still around. We were certain he’d kick the bucket sometime in 2022. With each passing day, he appears less alert and healthy. You better believe Democrats will do whatever they can to avoid debating RFK and even the GOP nominee.

Biden isn’t fit to be president, but that doesn’t mean Democrats won’t work like hell to keep him there.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden admitted he never thought he end up president.
  • His approval numbers have long been below 50%.
  • A recent poll shows 77% of Americans think he’s too old for a second term.

Source: YouTube