Biden Just Crumbled Before Entire World


Biden Just Crumbled Before Entire World – Commits 1 Public Gaffe Nobody Will Ever Forget

What’s Happening:

A major concern for many votes this election cycle is Joe Biden’s age. The administration maintains that Biden is healthy. But the man is 80 years old. He will be in his early 80s, should he get a second term in office. And pundits have pointed out the many times Biden’s public performance has fallen short of appropriate.

This week, Biden spoke before the United Nations. The Democrat intended to give a speech defending his foreign policy, including his support of the Ukraine war and partnership with communist China. But he might have failed to make his case before the world, due to a series of struggles.

From Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden delivered a series of flubs along with his Tuesday remarks before the United Nations, saying at one point that he planned to pursue a partnership with China aimed at “accelerating the climate crisis.” […]

In one such instance, the president struggled to get through a sentence: “Simply put, the 21st century – 21st century results … are badly needed … to move us along. That starts with the United Nations.”

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Biden struggled throughout his address to the United Nations. The speech was a critical opportunity for the Democrat to secure support from the global organization, while also coercing members of Congress into continuing to fund Ukraine’s war with Russia.

But regardless of his intentions, Biden’s speech was marred by glaring flubs and gaffes.

The man struggled through numerous sentences, as he read off the teleprompter. In one instance, he seemed to suggest that U.S. policy was to defer to communist-run China, instead of holding them accountable. He then said he wanted to partner with China to “accelerate the climate crisis.”

He corrected himself quickly afterward.

At one point, he mumbled, suggesting he could not read off the teleprompter. There have been many, worrisome times in the past when Biden’s speeches have devolved into mumbles.

It is unclear whether this speech will convince other nations to support the Biden Doctrine. Biden’s influence on the world stage has been controversial at best. Numerous critics question his continued involvement in the Ukraine war and lack of confrontation over China’s global hostility.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden struggled through a speech before the United Nations.
  • The Democrat flubbed many of his lines, mumbling incoherently at times.
  • Joe Biden has a long history of struggling to communicate, especially while reading from a teleprompter.

Source: Daily Wire