Biden Biographer Gives His Thoughts On If Biden Will Out Of Race: “Wouldn’t Be A Total Shock”


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The Biden administration has been a total disaster.

It has been full of gaffes and blunders.

Franklin Foer, Joe Biden’s biographer, went on Meet The Press and spoke out on if Joe Biden might drop out of the 2024 race.

Foer, said he would be surprised if Biden didn’t run in 2024 but “”it wouldn’t be a total shock.”

The Hill reported:

A biographer of President Biden said that while it would be a surprise, it “wouldn’t be a total shock” if the president drops out of the 2024 race by the end of the calendar year.

NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” asked biographer Franklin Foer, whose book about Biden’s first two years in office will be released this week, how surprised he would be if Biden decided to not pursue a second term in office.

“I would say it would, it would be a surprise to me. But it wouldn’t be a total surprise,” Foer said, adding that “it wouldn’t be a total shock.”

“When he talks about his life, he uses this word, fate, constantly,” he said. “Joe Biden is a very religious guy, and fate is a word loaded with religious meaning. And he always talks about, ‘He can’t say where fate goes.’ And so I always, when I hear that, to me, it’s the ellipses in the sentence when he’s talking about his own future.”

Joe Biden’s average approval rating is 41.8%.