Baby born weighing 1.5 pounds defies the odds


Feet of premature baby

Feet of premature baby

(LIFENEWS) – For Savanna Buller and her youngest daughter, Margo, the journey home from the hospital was nearly nine months long. Baby Margo was born at 25 weeks last summer and weighed a mere 1 lb., 5 oz. Now, the family of six is together under one roof.

“She was the size of a water bottle,” her mother recalled. “She was very tiny. You look at this little baby and think, ‘How are you supposed to survive?’”

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Savanna and Daniel are high school sweethearts and have a 9-year-old son, 6-year-old daughter, and 3-year-old son. Savanna had no complications with her first three pregnancies, but when Baby Margo was about 20 weeks along, Savanna’s blood pressure spiked and she developed preeclampsia.

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