AOC’s Shady Past Comes Back to Haunt Her


AOC’s Shady Past Comes Back to Haunt Her – She’s in Hot Water For 1 Possible Lie

What’s Happening:

Democrat socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has long claimed to be a champion of ethics and transparency. She has frequently complained about “dark money” in politics and has even pushed for term limits for members of Congress. But despite these stances, the New Yorker has been accused of a variety of ethics violations herself.

AOC has been challenged by the House Ethics Committee over questionable uses of campaign money. In the past, she has faced scrutiny over receiving gifts from the Met, after her infamous “Tax the Rich” red carpet appearance. But it looks like she is facing even more ethics violations. This time, it could involve prosecution.

From Breitbart:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) — known as AOC — is under scrutiny for describing her fiancé, Riley Roberts, as her “spouse” in forms filed with the House Ethics Committee in 2023, despite not being married to him…

The snafu is drawing attention, since Ocasio-Cortez has positioned herself as a champion of ethics in Congress, and willful misrepresentations on disclosure forms could subject her to criminal prosecution, the WFB noted.

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It appears AOC is facing problems due to disclosure forms she filled out for the House Ethics Committee. In February she traveled to Japan and South Korea, on a trip funded by the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation. In August, she traveled to South America on a trip paid for by George Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society and the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

On both those trips she was accompanied by Riley Roberts, her fiancé. But on forms given to the committee, she listed Roberts as her “spouse.” These forms have an “other” box used for someone who is not a spouse.

AOC’s office dismissed the problem, claiming that the House Ethics Committee has “commonly recognized the term spouse to extend to long-term partners.” But others do not agree. Willfully misrepresenting information on disclosure forms can lead to prosecution.

Such actions can result in civil penalties up to $50,000 or–in some cases–imprisonment of up to five years. AOC might be reprimanded by the committee or censured by the House if it is discovered that she intentionally concealed Robert’s finances from the public.

AOC was one of a few Democrats who complained about Congress members and their spouses buying and selling stocks. She frequently claims to fight for ethics in the House. So, it seems unusual for her to incorrectly file ethics paperwork when disclosing trips funded by big Democrat donors.

Key Takeaways:

  • AOC is facing ethics violation allegations over disclosure forms she filled out.
  • She called her fiancé, Riley Roberts, her spouse despite not being married.
  • Misrepresenting information on an ethics form can be punished by five years imprisonment.

Source: Breitbart