Andy McCarthy: ‘Remarkable contrast’ in handling of Hunter Biden and Donald Trump cases



President Donald Trump (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

By Jason Cohen
Daily Caller News Foundation

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy said on Friday there is a noteworthy difference in the way judges are presiding over Hunter Biden’s case and former President Donald Trump’s trial.

Judge Maryellen Noreika, who is overseeing Hunter Biden’s federal case in Delaware, ruled on Friday that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will not be allowed to present certain evidence in the case, such as references to the president’s son being discharged from the Navy, his child support case and his upcoming tax trial, NBC News reported. Fox News host John Roberts on “America Reports” suggested the rules represents a difference in how Judge Juan Merchan has presided over Trump’s trial, which McCarthy emphatically agreed with.

“So the defense wanted to keep a whole bunch of information from the jury, including references to the child support proceedings in the Arkansas case, information related to Hunter’s discharge for the navy, money allegedly spent on adult entertainment and escort services, unnecessary salacious details regarding his lifestyle or previous addiction. The judge has agreed to that. It really then does sharpen the contrast between the Hunter Biden trial and the Trump trial in New York where the judge just let Stormy Daniels spew all of that,” Roberts said.

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Merchan denied Trump’s defense attorney Todd Blanche’s move for a mistrial after porn star Stormy Daniels’ testimony about his client, which the lawyer referred to as “unduly prejudicial.”


“It really is a remarkable contrast,” McCarthy responded. “And I actually think in the Hunter Biden case, they may be saving the prosecutors from themselves because the evidence of guilt on the narrow specific charges, it looks like it’s overwhelming. I think that’s why he wanted to dispose of everything in that plea agreement that blew up that you mentioned earlier. The prosecutors shouldn’t need all of that stuff, and they can only get themselves in trouble when they put in a bunch of extraneous evidence. I think they should stick to what they have, which looks pretty strong.”

Blanche claimed Daniels testified about irrelevant details to the case, which is regarding an alleged $130,000 payment from Trump to the porn star, with Merchan suggesting he will tell the jury only to take into account a restricted portion of her testimony. The judge questioned why Trump’s defense did not raise more objections during Daniels’ testimony.

The president’s son was indicted in September by special counsel David Weiss on three felony gun charges. His lawyers have sought to dismiss and delay the case, asserting there are constitutional issues with the indictment, that it breaches the terms of a pretrial diversion agreement that was part of his failed plea deal, that the special counsel was illegally appointed and that their client is the target of vindictive and selective prosecution.

The trial is slated to start June 3 in Delaware. Noreika recently rejected an effort by Hunter Biden’s attorneys to delay the trial.

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