Alvin Bragg got caught pulling this illegal stunt against Donald Trump

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Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg handed his sham prosecution of Donald Trump off to a jury.

But that wasn’t before Bragg tried every dirty trick in the book.

And Alvin Bragg got caught pulling this illegal stunt against Donald Trump.

Bragg introduces inadmissible evidence against Trump

Alvin Bragg has no case against Donald Trump.

Democrats know it.

The media knows it.

Even Alvin Bragg and the Joe Biden campaign donor serving as the Judge in the case knows it.

But what Judge Juan Merchan could do to engineer a guilty verdict is to allow Bragg to break the rules of criminal procedure to railroad Trump.

Bragg’s ridiculous case rests on the idea that Trump falsified business records to cover up an illegal campaign contribution in the form of Michael Cohen’s nondisclosure agreement (NDA) payment to Stormy Daniels.

Neither the NDA nor the payment were illegal campaign contributions.

But Merchan allowed the prosecution to admit into evidence Cohen’s 2018 guilty plea, where federal prosecutors added on the campaign finance charges because a guilty plea meant they would never be litigated in court.

When someone pleads guilty to a crime, that can’t be used as evidence that another person is guilty of that crime.

But Merchan allowed prosecutors to question Cohen about the guilty pleas while on the stand.

Cohen’s testimony designed to taint the jury against Trump

On the witness stand, Cohen testified to pleading guilty to a campaign finance violation.

The transcript read:

Q: And on August 21, 2018, did you plead guilty to one count of making an excessive campaign contribution in violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act?

A: I did.

Cohen then claimed his guilty plea was for the Stormy Daniels NDA payment.

The transcript read:

Q: What did that charge relate to?

A: Stormy Daniels.

Q: And did it relate to, specifically, your paying $130,000 so that it would not be public and that it was done on behalf of President Trump to influence the election?

A: Yes.

Cohen then claimed he made the payment solely to influence the outcome of the election.

Q: Why, in fact, did you pay that money to Stormy Daniels?

A: To ensure that the story would not come out, would not affect Mr. Trump’s chances of becoming president of the United States.

Q: If not for the campaign, Mr. Cohen, would you have paid that money to Stormy Daniels?

A: No, ma’am.

Cohen also testified he made this payment on behalf of Donald Trump

Q: At whose direction and on whose behalf did you commit that crime?

A: On behalf of Mr. Trump.

The problems with this testimony

A campaign contribution is defined as an expenditure that only exists for the campaign.

Donald Trump never faced campaign finance charges because as a billionaire businessman and a celebrity, NDAs are a way of life, and it’s easy to see how he would pay this money absent from the campaign.

Cohen’s state of mind has nothing to do with Trump’s.

And Cohen isn’t an expert on campaign finance law.

Judge Merchan allowed inadmissible testimony from someone with a lay understanding of the law to put into the juror’s minds that Trump also was guilty of a fake campaign finance crime the federal government charged him with.

Merchan under fire

Former Federal Prosecutor Andy McCarthy slammed Merchan’s outrageous conduct.

“Here, the judicial officer has made common cause with the state to parade before the jury, time and again, evidence that he knows is (a) inadmissible against the defendant and (b) being conveyed to the jury for the precise improper purpose that makes it inadmissible,” McCarthy wrote.

“Judge Merchan denied the jury an explanation from former commissioner Smith, a qualified expert, that the NDAs were not FECA violations; as a result, all the jury has to go on is uninformed meanderings about FECA by Cohen and Pecker,” McCarthy added.

Any conviction in this joke of a case – where a county prosecutor fabricated a phantom crime out of his nonexistent authority to enforce federal campaign finance law – will be immediately overturned on appeal.

Normally, Judges care about preserving convictions in their court.

But Merchan is acting like a rogue political operative who only cares about a conviction swinging the election to Joe Biden.

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