Alvin Bragg got blindsided by a judge’s ruling that tossed his case against Trump into chaos


Image by Wesley Tingey from Unsplash

George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was the first Democrat prosecutor to arraign Donald Trump.

Democrats hoped a sustained campaign of lawfare would damage Trump’s possibilities of winning re-election.

Now Alvin Bragg got blindsided by a judge’s ruling that tossed his case against Trump into turmoil.

Alvin Bragg’s criminal trial of Donald Trump was set to begin on March 25, 2024.

Bragg indicted Trump on 34 counts of falsifying organization records.

Even liberal legal experts scoffed at the novel legal theory Bragg cooked up in declaring that Trump falsified service records to hide paying back Michael Cohen for paying Stormy Daniels a $130,000 nondisclosure agreement settlement was a federal campaign financing law offense.

Joe Biden’s Justice Department never charged Trump with that criminal offense because even the weaponized Democrat prosecutors in Washington, D.C. had to confess Trump never ever came close to breaking the law on contributions limits and how a campaign reports expenses.

Now it appears like there will be a substantial delay in when Bragg will go to court.

That’s since the Judge in the case– Joe Biden donor Jaun Mechan– announced he was canceling a pretrial hearing due to the fact that Obama donor Judge Tanya Chutkan scheduled Trump’s trial on contesting the 2020 election for March 4, 2024.

“Due to the many current developments involving Mr. Trump and his rapidly evolving trial schedule, I do not think it would be fruitful for us to conference this case on September 15 to go over scheduling,” Mechan added.

The March 4 trial date is very essential to Democrats.

Fulton County District Lawyer Fani Willis likewise proposed a March 4 trial date for his politically determined RICO case.

That’s because March 4 is one day prior to the essential Super Tuesday Primaries.

Democrats clearly want Trump’s trial to begin prior to those contests as a way to interfere in the election and frame the race as a referendum on Donald Trump as opposed to one on Joe Biden.

And since the New York case is the weakest and the most likely to get thrown out, the Left doesn’t want that trial going initially.

Rather, they want the kangaroo court in Washington, D.C. with a Trump-hating judge and Democrat jury to be the very first ones to render a verdict on Trump.