Alvin Bragg did one unforgivable thing after a jury convicted Donald Trump

Screenshot via YouTube, Alvin Bragg

Democrat Prosecutor Alvin Bragg launched the greatest assault on American elections and the legitimacy of the judicial system in history.

Bragg risked everything to force Donald Trump to stand for a show trial.

And now Alvin Bragg did one unforgivable thing after a jury convicted Donald Trump.

Bragg gloats over bogus conviction in rigged show trial

A jury was pulled from the pool of voters that gave Joe Biden over 80 percent of the vote in 2020 and Bragg over 80 percent of the vote in 2021.

Donald Trump never stood a chance, facing a biased jury guided by a Joe Biden campaign donor Judge to arrive at a guilty verdict in a case where Trump wasn’t even told what crimes he committed.

After the travesty of justice wrapped up, Attorney Todd Blanche appeared on Jesse Watters’ Fox News show, where he blasted Bragg for giggling about torching the credibility of the U.S. justice system in his pursuit of fulfilling a campaign promise to get Donald Trump.

Todd Blanche: Bragg laughing after the conviction today confirms everything we’ve been saying. This isn’t fair and it’s not what our country should be doing to our political leaders.

— Jesse Watters (@JesseBWatters) May 31, 2024

Bragg’s statement

Bragg’s statement following the conviction was even more obscene.

Bragg falsely claimed Trump committed a campaign finance crime every federal agency tasked with enforcing campaign finance law says does not exist.

“Donald Trump is guilty of repeatedly and fraudulently falsifying business records in a scheme to conceal damaging information from American voters during the 2016 presidential election,” the statement began.

It’s not a crime for campaigns to keep damaging information from the voters.

But the underpinning of Bragg’s case was weaving together a series of legal actions and noncrimes to create a sordid tale that would allow a Democrat jury to convict Donald Trump because they think he’s a bad guy.

Bragg’s statement even comes out and admits that the real crime he charged Donald Trump with committing was winning the 2016 election.

Bragg then listed all his “evidence” – none of which tied Trump to the crimes Bragg claimed Trump committed.

“Over the course of the past several weeks, a jury of 12 every day New Yorkers was presented with overwhelming evidence – including invoices, checks, bank statements, audio recordings, phone logs, text messages, and direct testimony from 22 witnesses – that proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Trump illegally falsified 34 New York business records,” Bragg added.

Bragg absurdly claimed Trump falsifying records in 2017 and 2018 allowed him to steal the 2016 election.

“Mr. Trump went to illegal lengths to lie repeatedly in order to protect himself and his campaign,” Bragg declared.

And in the biggest joke of them all, Bragg tried to say with a straight face that this case was the normal administration of justice despite even liberals on CNN like Fareed Zakaria admitting that Bragg only brought these charges because the defendant’s name was Donald Trump.

“In Manhattan, we follow the facts without fear or favor and have a solemn responsibility to ensure equal justice under the law regardless of the background, wealth or power of the accused. The integrity of our judicial system depends on upholding that principle,” Bragg concluded.

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