After Trump Visits Pub in Major Primary State


After Trump Visits Pub in Major Primary State – Crowd Responds to Donald with 3 Perfect Words

What’s Happening:

There are several months before voters go to the primary polls. Very soon, Republicans will decide who they want to run for president. One of the first states to hold primary voting is Iowa, a state that can help make or break a candidate’s chances.

Republican candidates have been spending ample time in the state, hoping to secure support. Even Donald Trump, who is leading in the GOP polls, has invested time in the Hawkeye State.

He visited a local pub after hosting a campaign rally. The crowd quickly greeted him with this chant.

From The Post Millennial:
After his epic rally in Iowa on Wednesday, President Donald Trump stopped off at a Bettencourt pub to greet supporters. “We love you! We love you!” One woman said as the crowd cheered for him…

Trump handed out pizza pies to the packed pub. He’s become well known for his post rally stops. Whether at a Dairy Queen, fast food spot, or a pub in Iowa, the intimate settings allow Trump to speak directly to supporters, and for them to speak directly to him.

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A pub in Bettencourt, Iowa was packed with people during Trump’s recent visit. He bought the crowd pizza while he greeted supporters and signed his autograph. People were heard shouting “We love you,” while he entertained the crowd.

Trump’s most recent Iowa visit has been marked by outbursts of support. During his rally, a man shouted, “I love you!” Trump responded in humorous fashion, “I love you too even though it’s not generally my thing… when a guy screams out ‘I love you,’ but that’s okay, we love you all.”

The former president has predicted that he will win Iowa “in a historic landslide.” Other Republican candidates have been seen in Iowa in recent weeks. Many of them attended an Iowa State football game.

Gov. Ron DeSantis had been accused of flying a banner asking “Where’s Melania?” Other candidates attended events in the state.

But few seem to have generated as much excitement as Donald Trump. Trump’s support among Republicans appears only to be increasing. He has enjoyed a surge in polling, after four indictments by federal and state prosecutors. Many Republicans consider the indictments to be attempts by Democrats to undermine the 2024 Election.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump visited a pub in Bettencourt, Iowa, and was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd.
  • People shouted “We love you,” as Trump bought pizza and signed autographs.
  • Iowa is a crucial primary state, one of the first to its caucus next year.

Source: The Post Millennial