After Teacher Reads “Gender Binary” Book to Kids


After Teacher Reads “Gender Binary” Book to Kids – Her Career Takes an Immediate Turn

What’s Happening:

A teacher in Georgia decided it was acceptable to teach gender concepts to fifth grade students in her math class. Instead of addition, multiplication and binary equations she took it upon herself to teach her students about “moving beyond the gender binary.”

That lesson plan didn’t add up for parents and school officials who objected to her choice of topics from outside the match class. They questioned the judgment of 10-year veteran teacher Katie Rinderle and began a tribunal proceeding to see if she acted appropriately.

From Breitbart:

“The tribunal determined that she did violate part of Georgia’s new divisive concepts law, but they recommended that she be able to keep her job,” the report said, adding Rinderle claimed the book was “appropriate” for the students because its main theme is about being true to oneself.

The tribunal’s determination of “appropriate” didn’t compute with parents and a majority of the school board who had the final say.

The controversy started in March after a parent reportedly complained about the teacher reading the book “My Shadow is Purple” to her students. Rinderle was removed from her class as the investigation proceeded. Parents and administrators didn’t agree with her conduct in the classroom.

One parent told 11 Alive, “I don’t want the teachers indoctrinating him. I want the parents to be parents and the teachers to teach. That’s it.”

Ultimately school board officials in Cobb County, Georgia, last week voted 4-3 to fire Rinderle. Despite left-leaning outlets claiming the book she read was “heartwarming and inspiring,” the website Book Reviews by a Conservative Teacher had another opinion.

The website described the book as promoting “the non-binary lifestyle and no child should read this book. I can’t imagine how confusing this nonsense would be for kids.”

People can argue all they want about the values within the book in question, but no math teacher should be wasting time in class promoting personal beliefs about morality and sexuality. Public education system students today are so far behind in math skills that every moment in class is precious.

Modern math curriculum is questionable enough without adding in gender topics that are about as fathomable as imaginary number equations. Confused? Good. That’s what’s happening to the students.

Key Takeaways:

  • Parents and school board call for accountability in classroom topics.
  • “Gender binary” book reading lands math teacher in hot water.
  • Parent wants, “…teachers to teach. That’s it,” in the classroom.

Source: Breitbart