After Democrat City Ranks #1 in Crime


After Democrat City Ranks #1 in Crime – Major Chain Tries 1 Extreme Measure to Keep Thugs Away

What’s Happening:

You probably know all about how crime is out of control in blue cities. Thanks to leftist mayors, city counsels, and district attorneys, criminals are not being prosecuted. They have defunded police, eliminated cash bail, refused to prosecute various crimes, and legalized drugs. The result is that law-abiding citizens are not safe in their own communities.

It’s getting pretty bad for businesses. Many have just shut down, thanks to rising crime. Of course, these cities deny Americans the right to arm themselves. And businesses can no longer count on the police to help save the day. One city, though, has some of the worst crime statistics of them all. And one chain has been forced to do this, to stop loitering and crime.

From Daily Wire:

To deal with vagrancy issues and petty crime, Walgreens stores in Memphis have installed speakers to loudly play classical music in the parking lot…

Memphis has consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in America, and has seen property and violent crime increase in the last year. Its murder rate is in the top ten worst in the U.S.

Geez. Walgreens stores in Memphis have seen an explosion in loitering outside of their stores. In some instances, over 15 people would loiter outside, posing a risk to customers. This comes with increasing homeless outside the stores and an explosion in shoplifting.

The stores can’t count on police to get rid of these vagrants. Memphis police, like in so many other blue cities, can’t handle the volume of reports coming in daily. Stores are left to fend for themselves. They can’t arm clerks and staff.

So, they have to resort to the ridiculous method of driving away loiters with loud music. These stores are playing loud classical music to upset the troublemakers outside their stores.

Why does a store have to do this, just to keep their property safe? Why can’t the police have the resources to do their job and clear away loiters and lawbreakers?

We have laws and law enforcement to keep our society safe. But when leaders deny law enforcement from doing their job, we are only left with chaos.

Do you think this music is going to be a long-term solution? Already neighbors are complaining. And it could only be a matter of time before loiterers attack stores and speakers. Until Democrats start enforcing the law, it will only get worse.

Key Takeaways:

  • Walgreens stores in Memphis have been forced to play loud music to drive away loiterers.
  • Memphis is one of many blue cities that have refused to enforce the law.
  • Many businesses are shutting down, thanks to explosions in crime.

Source: Daily Wire