After Blue City Business Owner Encourages Riots


After Blue City Business Owner Encourages Riots – He Gets a Brutal Dose Of Reality

What’s Happening:

Folks who live in law-abiding communities have a hard time understanding why locals in blue cities put up with so much crime. The crime epidemic in many of these cities is the result of policies enacted by liberal leaders. Voters are suffering, but they refuse to elect officials who will uphold the law. It could be that they refuse to admit they were wrong.

Or, in the case of many leftists, they truly believed the riots and looting were a good thing.

In one uber-leftist city, a white business owner encouraged rioting and looting during the summer of 2020. He even posted to social media, encouraging BLM and Antifa to demand private property, which led to billions in lost revenue. But it looks like karma has caught up with this guy–and he’s making an announcement.

From The Post Millennial:

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A leftist Portland, Ore. business owner who advocated for the city’s destruction during the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 and 2021 announced he is closing his taproom after suffering significant financial losses since that time…

The shuttering of West’s taproom is ironic given his strong advocacy and promotion of property destruction and vandalism in Portland.

“Please smash all my windows if it will be a step toward change,” West said in an Twitter (now X) post in April 2021, nearly a year after the deadly riots started in Portland.

Well, now isn’t this interesting? Nat West owned Reverand Nat’s Hard Cider–a taproom in the heart of Portland, OR. During the unrest of previous years, Nat was one of many who encouraged the destruction of property and chaos.

He even posted to Twitter to encourage vandals to “smash all my windows.” Big surprise, he is closing his business. Since that time, he has suffered “significant financial losses.” Could that have anything to do with his advocacy for destruction and crime?

Portland was under siege by left-wing extremists and riots for 120 days straight in 2020. Since then, the city has done seemingly little to restore law and order. Portland appears to be a hive for radical anarchists and Antifa militants.

You can’t imagine that is a good environment for economic growth. West did want to make money, right? I guess not more than helping “change” through the destruction of his community.

“Reverand Nat” now has nothing to show for years of hard work and service to the community. Perhaps his “white guilt” made him support the chaos. But he is now suffering as a consequence.

Other folks in blue cities need to learn from Nat and wake up. Supporting chaos will not make America better. It only leads to poverty and decline. Numerous businesses have shut their doors in blue cities, thanks to Democrats’ refusal to enforce the law.

How long before Portland is a ghost town?

Key Takeaways:

  • A Portland taproom had to close its doors due to financial losses.
  • The owner had previously encouraged rioting and destruction.
  • Democrat voters appear to ignore the fallout of their radical stances.

Source: The Post Millennial