After Biden Orders Border Agents to Cut Down Texas Fence


After Biden Orders Border Agents to Cut Down Texas Fence – Governor Abbott Immediately Strikes Back

What’s Happening:

Last year, the state of Texas declared that the massive influx of illegal aliens was an “invasion.” Gov. Abbott requested support from the federal government but stated he received none. So, the state government began to implement measures to defend its border from the seemingly endless tide of migrants.

This has generated backlash from the federal government, which appears to refuse to defend the border. Just this week, federal agents cut down razor wire put up by Texas to discourage illegal crossing. Outraged at the move, the governor issued a blistering response. And he “immediately” rectified the error.

From The Post Millennial:
On Wednesday, Texas governor Greg Abbott reiterated his declaration of an “invasion” at the southern border, as illegal migrants from all over the world continue to make their way into the United States at an unprecedented rate…

On Wednesday, officers cut the wire at the behest of the Biden administration…

Not one to let the federal government dictate policies in his state, the governor announced that he “immediately deployed more Texas National Guard to repel illegal crossings & install more razor wire.”

The border crisis is quickly turning into a conflict between Texas (and other states) against the federal government. This week, the Biden administration ordered to cut down razor wire Texas put up across the border. This move could only be seen by conservatives as an attempt to encourage more illegal crossings.

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Gov. Abbott responded by heavily criticizing the Biden administration. He wrote that Washington has committed “dereliction of duty” in not repealing the millions of migrants entering the country. Abbott accused Biden of enacting “open-border policies.” He wrote that Texans “are paying the price for [Biden’s] failure.”

After federal agents cut down border protections put up by Texas, the governor wrote he “immediately” called out the Texas National Guard to correct it. According to Abbott, the group put up more razor wire and perhaps other measures to “repel illegal crossings.”

The Biden administration has sued Texas for other border protections the state has implemented. The White House claims that barriers installed across rivers pose an “environmental” threat.

It seems tensions are rising between Texas and the Biden administration. This conflict might boil over into larger clashes between the state and federal authorities. How this shakes out, in the end, is anyone’s guess.

But you can rest assured that Texas won’t stop fighting.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Biden administration cut down the razor wire Texas put up along the border.
  • Abbott immediately deployed the National Guard to restore the razor wire.
  • Abbott has accused Biden of neglecting the border, allowing an “invasion” of illegal immigration.

Source: The Post Millennial