After AOC Calls Inflation “Propaganda”


After AOC Calls Inflation “Propaganda” – Her Own Voters Drop 1 Truth Bomb on Her

What’s Happening:

With Joe Biden acting as the biggest Marxist in Washington, there isn’t much for self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” AOC can do to grab attention. It seems like she had more of a platform during the Trump administration when she positioned herself as some kind of rebel.

These days, it seems she is having a hard time grabbing media attention. Perhaps that is why she went out on a limb to make this big claim about inflation. Millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet, thanks to Bidenomics. AOC actually claimed inflation was “propaganda,” seemingly denying the hardship of millions of Americans. Including the folks in her district, who had this to say.

From The Post Millennial:

After Democrat New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) promoted a message that inflation was “propaganda” and that “greedy shareholders” are the reason prices are high last week, constituents in her 14th district have said they want her to “talk to real people and see how bad it has gotten.” […]

Certified nursing assistant and city resident Latisha Law, 41, asked, “Is AOC crazy?” She added, “Has she been to a grocery store recently? $1,000 ain’t nothing no more. $100 ain’t nothing no more.”

Another resident, Iris Vasquez, 61, told the outlet, “I think what the government did was take advantage of the pandemic.” She continued, “You can’t put this all on big companies…”

Wow. AOC upset her own constituents in New York when she claimed inflation was just “propaganda.” She posted a video claiming that the high prices (which have impacted the salaries of millions of Americans) were the result of “greedy shareholders.”

The folks back home did not agree. One woman–a nursing assistant–called AOC “crazy.” She said she has to “kill” herself just to feed her family. She pointed out that things are “much worse” now than before the pandemic.

Another local refused to believe this was only companies’ doing. She pointed out that the government took “advantage of the pandemic.” She even admitted that prices went up high and “stayed high.”

Residents in AOC’s district believe that inflation has never “been this bad.” They are not willing to accept AOC’s claims, which sound more like attempts to protect Joe Biden and his party than anything else.

Democrats can spin the economic crisis all they want. They can get the MSM to change the definition of the word “recession” to protect old Joe. But everyday Americans continue to watch prices rise higher and higher.

Consumer spending is down. The housing market is silent. And gas prices are through the roof. What will AOC say about that?

Key Takeaways:

  • AOC claimed inflation was “propaganda” and high prices are companies’ fault.
  • Locals from her own district disagreed and heavily criticized the Democrat.
  • Inflation has hurt American workers since the start of Biden’s administration.

Source: The Post Millennial