Aaron Rogers Chimes In On Social Media Over The RFK – The Conservative


Aaron Rodgers has now become a part of the ongoing battle between Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Peter Hotez over the COVID-19 vaccine.

When Dr. Tyna Moore shared a clip from a Joe Rogan podcast featuring an exchange between Hotez and Rogan, Rodgers jumped at the opportunity to get involved in this heated debate, posting on his Instagram Stories that Kennedy “would mop this bum”, referring to Hotez.

Clearly not pleased with this comment, Hotez tweeted back saying he was “disappointed” with the cheap shot taken by the Super Bowl champion quarterback.

He then added that in 2021 during a particularly difficult period for Americans due to COVID-19 he had criticized him for his public anti-vaccine stance; something which had cost over 200,000 lives due to unvaccinated people perishing in waves at that time last year and early 2022.

Though Hotez made it clear he didn’t want any part of what he called “a Jerry Springer Show deal”, others such as Kennedy welcomed the idea of finally having “the respectful, congenial informative debate” which they believed American people deserved – including myself as well I must say!

In an Instagram Story that has now expired, the Super Bowl XLV champion shared a clip from Dr. Tyna Moore’s account, and it put a spotlight on an exchange between Hotez and Joe Rogan on the latter’s podcast.

A long-time advocate of the COVID-19 vaccine, Hotez made an admission that he’s “not as cautious about my diet as I should be,” saying that he’s a “junk food-aholic,” and that it’s “terrible for my health.”

The clip of the Hotez-Rogan exchange took place in April 2020, but following Hotez calling out Rogan for sharing COVID-19 vaccine “misinformation,” Rogan made him an offer that was eventually supported by Kennedy.

“Peter, if you claim what RFKjr is saying is ‘misinformation’ I am offering you $100,000.00 to the charity of your choice if you’re willing to debate him on my show with no time limit,” Rogan tweeted Saturday.

“Peter. Let’s finally have the respectful,congenial, informative debate that the American people deserve,” replied Kennedy.