A “Sound of Liberty” executive revealed this sneaky plan by the media


Photo by Rafal Maciejski via Pexels

“Noise of Flexibility” came out of no place to turn into one of the biggest hits of the year.

Not everybody wanted to see the movie prosper.

And a “Sound of Flexibility” executive exposed this sneaky scheme by the media.

“Sound of Freedom” took the country by storm to turn into one of the greatest workplace hits of the summertime, beating recognized Hollywood franchises like “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” and “Objective: Difficult– Dead Reckoning Part One.”

The film accentuated a topic that Hollywood and the media wanted to keep buried: kid sex trafficking.

The independent film is based upon the real story of former Homeland Security representative Tim Ballard, who leaves the government to risk his life attempting to save child sex trafficking victims in the jungles of Colombia.

“Noise of Liberty” was consulted with an extreme reaction from the media as quickly as the film began to acquire traction.

Angel Studios launched the movie after it acquired its rights from Disney, who shelved it for many years.

The movie brought in over $180 million, with more to come from its international release, but the media attempted to damage it.

Angel Studios Chief Content Officer Jeffrey Harmon stated that “Sound of Flexibility” dealt with continuous attacks from conspiracy theories about the movie created by the media.

“Everybody who has seen this film knows it has nothing to do with conspiracy theories,” Harmon said. “What’s wild is the manner in which the media has actually latched on.”

Rolling Stone’s film critic assaulted it as a “QAnon-tinged thriller” that is “created to interest the conscience of a conspiracy-addled boomer.”

The magazine likewise claimed that child sex trafficking is “grossly overstated.”

A coordinated campaign to smear the motion picture as being “QAnon” was released as quickly as it began to gain steam at package workplace.

The media attempted to dismiss anything sounding the alarm on human trafficking as a conspiracy theory after it blew up since of President Joe Biden’s border crisis.

Harmon said that the media began calling the film “conservative” and “faith-based” to attempt and frighten a larger audience from seeing it.

The media’s conspiracy theories to convince spectators to avoid it began as soon as the film was launched over the July 4th weekend.

Harmon stated that throughout the motion picture’s first night at the theaters, he heard reports of the audience giving it a standing ovation and individuals left sobbing.

“This is something you don’t see in movie theater very much,” Harmon said.

Harmon added that audiences started to see the proliferation of media conspiracy theories about it on social networks.

“So social networks took off due to the fact that there was this labeling effort going on versus the movie and everyone who had actually seen the movie said this is all made up,” Harmon discussed. “So you wind up with similar to a war on social networks within hours of [release]”

“Sound of Flexibility” got rid of a media smear campaign with its powerful connection with audiences to become the most important motion picture of the year.