A prediction Donald Trump made just got tested right in the worst method possible


The White House, Public domain, by means of Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump tried to alert the American people.

Now all hell is breaking loose.

And a prediction Donald Trump made just got proven right in the worst way possible.

Donald Trump frequently alerts his advocates that Democrats and the Washington, D.C. Swamp are actually after them and that Trump is simply standing in the method.

After Democrat district attorneys began filing fake, politically-motivated charges versus Trump, Trump told his fans that the Democrats are really indicting them.

Trump’s caution that the Democrats’ weaponization of the federal government is created to target conservatives.

Illinois Democrat Guv J.B. Pritzker signed legislation using customer statutes to enable the Chief law officer to slap Pro-Life crisis pregnancy centers with $50,000 fines for so-called “deceptive practices” just for describing to women they do not need to get an abortion.

The law says that the state “has an interest to protect versus misleading, deceitful, and deceptive marketing and practices that disrupt a person’s ability to make self-governing, notified, and evidence-based choices about the person’s reproductive health and have timely access to quality reproductive healthcare that adheres to accepted requirements of medical practice or care.”

Luckily, a federal judge provided an injunction obstructing the law.

However Illinois will appeal.

And in an interview on CNN Governor Pritzker mentioned Jack Smith’s indictment of Donald Trump for contesting the 2020 election as the basis for trying to criminalize political views the Democrats disagree with.

“Well, it’s similar to the case against President Trump. You have a right to complimentary speech, but you don’t have a right to lie. You don’t have a right to use those lies to push individuals into scenarios in which they, frankly, are breaking the law or where they are unaware of what their complete rights are. So, we require to make sure that people know what their rights are.”

When Smith brought his indictment versus Trump, critics warned Smith was taking America to a place where Democrats now could jail anybody who opposed their agenda if a district attorney judged them to be wrong.

Governor Pritzker is trying to take Smith’s authoritarian view of federal government and broaden it to criminalizing opposition to the Democrats’ extreme abortion-on-demand agenda.

Smith’s indictment versus Trump was simply the primary step in the Democrat Party attempting to squelch all dissent in America.

Democrats will likely soon take this precedent to criminalize opposition to weapon control, vaccine requireds, and gender identity.

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