A possibly treasonous laptop, and we’re distracted with a paperwork error?


The nation is in the midst of a presidential election campaign. Four years ago, Hunter Biden’s laptop was seized by the FBI and kept secret, while its alleged content was framed by official Washington as a clumsy Russian attempt to intervene in the election.

The alphabet media four years ago censored the laptop story, covering instead the fictitious Russia, Russia, Russia line it was fed by politicians running the Department of Justice. Now, the famous computer is being used again to misdirect the public’s attention from national scandal to a minor paperwork “mistake” by an addled, drug-confused “son” of the president. The media cannot even bring themselves to call Hunter a man.

The focus of coverage now on the “laptop from hell” is a false statement on federal firearms paperwork. Was it intentional or accidental? The real question is why are we bothering with this trivia when millions of dollars reportedly exchanged hands between the Bidens and foreign governments?

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The FBI went to Delaware and seized the laptop, precisely to keep it secret. The bureau mission was not to investigate, as its title implies; it was to cover for Joe Biden. The FBI attempted to manipulate public opinion in favor of the Democrat Party, thereby interfering in a presidential election. The current courtroom drama is testament to how successful the FBI has been.

Legitimate news sources reported on the laptop content four years ago, but most of the alphabet media willingly joined in FBI charade.

As a result, the government coverup altered the course of the nation and the outcome of an election. The laptop story was not Russian disinformation; it was American government disinformation.

It does not get any more serious than that.

Yet, the Department of Justice apparatus has been able to suppress the content that shows the threats to national security, and allowed only a weapons charge, a personal violation of the law if proved, to proceed into the light. This trial is a sideshow. The FBI is handing the public a cookie, saying “good boy” – and it is business as usual.

Inquiring minds would like to know the extent of the financial conspiracy and if it borders on, or is, treason.

Does anyone think today the U.S. might owe the Russians an apology?

There are lies, and there are damn lies. These 51 former intel officials had personal access to sources that could confirm the veracity of the Hunter Biden laptop. Some, if not all, probably still retain their top secret clearances. They used that position of responsibility to lie.

This was not Russian political interference in a U.S. election, it was U.S. federal government interference in the national election, and it resulted in an administration that has brought international embarrassment to the United States and domestic discord.

One has to wonder if the American public will be fooled again.

The wonderment flows from the fact the handling of the laptop continues to obfuscate the very serious issues raised by the content and concentrate the public’s attention to a firearms charge that is petty, personal and irrelevant. We are expected to accept the premise that lying on a federal form is the most important thing to come from that laptop.

The most important information on that laptop documents that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were in it for the money and used U.S. foreign policy to get it. Official Washington is busy shouting at us, “Look over here!”

When Joe Biden labeled the laptop content “a bunch of garbage” it would have been an appropriate time for an inquiring press to ask the logical question: “When did you view the laptop and is there an official synopsis of its content the public might see?” If it is garbage, then release the content for the public to see.

The really important matter involves money and promotional positions with lucrative financial reward, which clearly could influence the then vice president of the United States. Combine that with the video of Joe Biden bragging at a Council on Foreign Relations event how he used his position to force Ukraine to do his bidding and block a corruption probe.

Now we are at war with Russia over Ukraine, hardly cause for a celebrated courtroom drama over what amounts to a paper cut.

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