A judge offered Hunter Biden a warning that could see him land back in jail


Picture by Colin Lloyd from Unsplash Joe Biden believed he had all his ducks in a row to utilize a weaponized justice system to protect Hunter Biden.

However Joe Biden got some bad news.

Which’s because a judge provided Hunter Biden an ultimatum that could see him land back in jail.

Trump-appointed Judge Maryellen Noreika single-handedly stopped a plan formulated by the Biden Justice Department to allow Hunter Biden to plead guilty to 2 small tax charges in exchange for resistance from additional prosecution.

This deal would have permitted the Justice Department to stonewall any Congressional questions into Hunter Biden’s foreign lobbying or Joe Biden apparently accepting a bribe from the founder of Burisma because the Biden Justice Department might still technically state the examinations were ongoing although the two targets– Joe and Hunter Biden– knew they were off limits from criminal charges.

Judge Noreika turned down the plea offer over that along with issues it was unconstitutional over provisions consisted of in the arrangement that looked for to put her in charge of identifying whether Hunter Biden violated the terms and must therefore go back to prison.

Biden’s lawyers and the Biden Justice Department tucked this provision into the offer out of fear Donald Trump will win in 2024 and try to send Hunter Biden to jail.

Hunter Biden eventually pleaded innocent to the charges against him to give more time for his lawyers and his daddy’s Justice Department to hammer out a brand-new agreement.

However thanks to Judge Noreika this new offer will not consist of blanket immunity from future prosecution.

Judge Noreila did not simply hand Hunter Biden a free pass to celebration at the White Home– he was seen schmoozing at a White House state supper days after reaching this plea deal.

Instead, Hunter Biden must submit to random alcohol and drug tests– he is prohibited from consuming booze and narcotics– he can’t own a gun, he must make a good faith effort to discover a real job, and he can’t break any state laws.

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