Well, it looks like a group of citizens is taking funding the wall into their own hands.

The “America First Foundation”, according to their Facebook page, was “created to make America a better and safer community for all of our citizens,” and they’ve starting a crowdfunding effort to attempt to raise all the funding needed to complete the construction of the southern border wall with Mexico.

They posted yesterday to Facebook announcing the initiative, and are hoping to soon meet with President Trump so that they can pitch their plan to him. The post said:

“Its finally here!! Now ALL Americans can go to America First Foundation, Inc and can finally help directly fund The Great Southern Wall! This is not a joke, this is not a scam, this is the REAL DEAL! We just launched so bear with us. We should hit FOX NEWS soon. (Update: We are on Fox News!🇺🇸😊)This Non-Profit was created to help fund and build that wall and show the world what American Determination and Strength is all about. Americans coming together to do something great! To learn more about us and drop a few bucks to help fund the wall please go to www.americafirstus.org and show your support!”

According to Bizpac Review:

America First’s founders want to bring the American people together to be part of what will be a historic construction project, securing the southern border by slowing illegal immigration, reduce drug trafficking, and reducing the burden on federal coffers.

“They are going to put up the wall. We’re just trying to help,” Steven Vulich, co-founder and vice president of America First Foundation, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Well, we’re lucky to have people like Vulich who are working to make this country a better place.

H/T: Bizpac Review