Well, this was one of the last people I’d expect to come to Trump’s rescue. Former Vice President Joe Biden came out to say that President Donald Trump “deserves a chance” to fulfill his role as president.

While speaking at a press conference in Delaware, he said that himself and Obama have been avoiding news shows that are seeking to criticize President Trump because he thinks that “he deserves a chance and in fairness to him, this is a man in my view, who understandably, like all the press thought, didn’t think he was gonna win.” 

He went on to talk about his experience in transitions, and how difficult it can sometimes be. He said transition teams would sometimes be put together 9 months in advance, and explained that “We knew if we won who we were gonna ask to do what A, B, C, and D, what were our priorities were going to be.”

“In fairness to [President Trump] , I don’t think there was thought to be any necessity to do that,” Biden added. “So he’s really playing catch-up and he should be given a chance.”

According to NewsMax:

The former vice president’s tone was markedly different just a few weeks ago when he lambasted Trump during a speech at the Newseum in Washington, the New York Daily News reported.

In that address, Biden warned Trump about attacking reporters, saying “To question the actual legitimacy of a free press is one of the most dangerous things out there. The degree that we deplore and denigrate our institutions in the fourth estate, we really, honest to God, weaken our democracy.”

Biden, I disagree with you a lot, but I have to say, this is a classy move on your part.

H/T: Newsmax