It looks like new footage has been released that casts Michael Brown, whose death at the hands of police sparked violent conflicts in Ferguson, MO and other cities, in possibly a little bit of a different light.

Filmmaker Jason Pollack has just released some relevant never-before-seen security camera footage in his documentary  that seems to show Michael Brown doing a drug deal with some of the stores clerks in for the cigarillos that he was later accused of stealing. The tape shows Brown trading a bag of weed for the cigarillos at 1am, 11 hours before the robbery was reported.

After police got the tip, officer Darren Wilson shot Brown while attempting to arrest him, a controversial move that caused the protests.

According to The NY Post:

He begins to leave with the smokes, then turns around and hands them to a clerk, who can be seen stashing them behind the counter, footage shows.

The filmmaker and Brown’s mother Lezley McSpadden believe the youth got into an argument with clerks when he came later to pick up the cigarillos and that police released selective video — such as a clip showing Brown shove a clerk — to make him look like a cold-blooded thug.

“They destroyed Michael’s character with the tape, and they didn’t show us what actually happened,” Pollock told the Times. “So this shows their intention to make him look bad. And shows suppression of evidence.”

“What you’re going to see on this video is what they didn’t show us happened, that clarifies that there was an understanding,” McSpadden reportedly says in the documentary.

Watch the tape for yourself here:

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H/T: The NY Post