Anne Helen Peterson, senior culture writer for Buzzfeed, has foolishly accused President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, of deemphasizing her Jewish beliefs so that she can “remain as publicly palatable as possible.”

WHAT?! How can she even say that?! She’s a culture writershouldn’t she be more, ya know, culturally sensitive?

Think about this, though. Imagine if a conservative said something like that to a liberal, there’d be hell to pay!

I mean, geez, why do they seem to get a pass on all this? Just this week there was that Democrat congressman who made a joke about Kellyanne looking familiar on her knees.

The rest of the piece isn’t much better, it’s just an excuse to attack the Trumps. She ends it saying, “Together, they compose a particularly 21st-century propaganda aesthetic — one that attempts to blind us to the discrimination and destruction committed by her father and performed in the name of rebuilding America.”


From The Daily Caller:

Complaining that both Trumps have not been vocal enough in their condemnation of a rash of anti-Semitic bomb threats to Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, Peterson write of how Americans would be too uneducated to understand that “#JCC” would mean Jewish Community Centers in Ivanka’s tweet on the subject.

She writes, “There was no invocation of her own identity as a Jew, and in fact, no invocation of Jewishness at all — save the hashtag, #JCC, whose meaning, for most, would remain opaque.”

Not addressed in the piece was the near-silence from the mainstream media and the White House about more than 7000 anti-Semitic attacks during the tenure of Barack Obama.

I don’t know where liberals think they can get away with saying this stuff and there not being any consequences, but we’d better start holding them accountable!

H/T: The Daily Caller