It looks like Hillary is without friends or supporters after her failure of a campaign. She looks pretty worn out, hopefully she’ll never try to run for president again!

From The Daily Caller:

“Hillary Clinton was spotted out in public this week in one of her rare appearances since she lost the election.

The former presidential candidate was seen eating breakfast at the Mohonk Mountain House in upstate New York. In the photo, Clinton sits alone while gazing at her phone.

The shot was tweeted out by New York Times senior editor for politics Carolyn Ryan Wednesday afternoon.

Clinton has only made a handful of appearances since she lost to Donald Trump in November, including at a retirement ceremony for Harry Reid.

She referenced her monumental loss in a speech she gave at the event.

“This is not exactly the speech at the Capitol I expected to be giving after the election,” Clinton — dressed in a purple pantsuit — said as she stepped up to the lectern. “After a few selfies taken in the woods, I am thankful to be here.””

The Daily Caller wrote more on her speech:

““I grateful to Senator Reid for inviting me,” she said.

“He’s never afraid to speak out, when it’s not easy or popular,” she said of Reid. “I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world. You’ve earned it.””

H/T: The Daily Caller