Jesse Jackson is known for making insane and illogical statements and requests, but this one takes the cake. He’s requested that President Obama pardon Hillary Clinton of any crimes she may or may not have committed.

If the person accused of the crimes had an (R) next to their name instead of a (D), I wonder if he’d be making the same appeal…

From The Hill:

“The Rev. Jesse Jackson says President Obama should preemptively pardon Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for any crimes she may have committed.

“Secretary Clinton has not been legally accused, indicted, tried or convicted of anything,” he said of the former secretary of State in Ann Arbor, Mich. on Wednesday. “It would be a monumental, moral and political mistake to pursue the prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

“President Obama should follow President Ford’s example and offer a preemptive full pardon,” Jackson added, referencing former President Gerald Ford’s pardon of Former President Richard Nixon in 1974.
President-elect Donald Trump repeatedly vowed during the campaign that he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton.

Trump repeatedly blasted the FBI as “rigged” for recommending not to pursue charges against Clinton for using a private email server as secretary of State.

The Republican even famously suggested during his final presidential debate with Clinton she’d “be in jail” if he oversaw the criminal justice system.

Trump’s remarks invigorated his supporters, many of whom chanted “lock her up” during the billionaire’s rallies.

The businessman has since toned down his rhetoric towards Clinton after his win last week.

“It’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought, because I want to solve healthcare, jobs, border control, tax reform,” he told The Wall Street Journal on Nov. 11 when asked about prosecuting Clinton.”

H/T: The Hill